Virtual Device

With our virtual phone feature, it has now become possible for the users who need to use Uniqkey without having a physical phone available. That means you can use Uniqkey exclusively from your computer, without having to use your mobile device.

What are the requirements for a virtual phone?

  • Minimum system requirements - Windows 7.
    (MacOS & Linux are not supported).
  • Virtualization turned on in BIOS on the PC.
  • At least 4GB of RAM

The virtual phone works just like a physical phone, you can approve requests, create logins, edit logins and all the things that you are used to on your own phone.

You dont' have to worry about losing data when you close the virtual phone as it stores backups completely like a physical phone.


Important information

It is possible to activate your account through the virtual phone, so you don't have to use your physical phone at any time.

To log in to the Admin portal, you need a physical phone.

Uniqkey's virtual phone will only be available in the Amazon App Store.


If you want to see how it works in practice, you can watch the video below, and see how easy it is to use Uniqkey without a physical phone, with the new virtual phone feature.



Do you have any questions or other inquiries regarding virtual phones, you can always contact our support department by writing to us at 


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