If the password import fails during onboarding

During the onboarding flow, the Uniqkey desktop application will ask if you wish to import saved passwords from your browsers. Like with all kinds of technology, errors can happen and the import can fail.

However, Uniqkey creates a local backup of your passwords. This guide tells you how to access your backup so you can import it easily.


1. Save the password to the backup file.

When importing your saved accounts from your browsers, you'll see a password. This is needed to access the backup file in case anything goes wrong. It can be found here:


2. Find the backup file.

Open the file explorer on your computer and type %appdata% into the search bar. Press Enter and you'll be redirected to your Roaming folder where you can scroll down until you see the folder named Uniqkey.


3. Open the folder, then open the subfolder Archive.

4. Find the zip-file "passwords.zip"

5. Right-click the folder and click Unzip all.

Disable the option to see files after unzipping them, and remember not to open the file. If you open the file, you risk changing the symbols separating the data (from commas to semicolons), and you'll have to change it back before you can import your passwords correctly.

We recommend unzipping the file to your desktop so you've got it readily available.

6. Click Unzip and type the password needed to access the file.

The file will now be saved - remember not to open it as it runs the risk of the symbol (comma) separating the data being changed (to a semicolon). If this happens, you can open the file in Notepad -> click Edit -> Replace.

7. Import the passwords to Uniqkey.

You can find our guide on how to import passwords using a .csv file here:



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