Onboarding in Uniqkey in 5 minutes

In this short guide we will go through how to get started with Uniqkey quickly and with ease; from onboarding with the desktop-app, to the pairing of your mobile device with your chosen browser.

Getting started is super easy! The whole process has been made streamlined and user friendly. The pairing of mobile device and browser extension has been completely automated for your convenience.

Estimated time: 5 minutes.


How to install Uniqkey in 2 steps

1. Go to Uniqkey.eu/install og download the desktop-app. You can also click here.


2. Click the installer in the lower left corner of your browser. In the pop-up window (Windows 10), press 'more information' and 'run anyway' to install the app.


Activate Uniqkey by following this simple manual

Now that you have installed Uniqkey, all you have to do is activate it. We have created a simple manual that takes you through the entire activation process step-by-step.


Now Uniqkey is installed and activated, and you can now wave goodbye to your manual logins. You are now passwordless.


How to get the most out Uniqkey

Uniqkey is full of smart features that will make your day easier. Take for example our Password Generator. Here you can with one click generate and save passwords with up to 72 digits.

Below you will find a number of articles that give you an insight into all the many features Uniqkey has and how to use them.

Password Generator

How to create logins in Uniqkey

Primary & secondary devices

Setup 2-factor authentication


Are you an administrator and going to deploy Uniqkey in your company?

Then we imagine that you want to get an overview of deployment strategies, as well as what tools you have available.

Here you will find our guide for administrators, which explains the whole process and shows you how to deploy Uniqkey's browser extension to other users.

Guide for the administrator

- Uniqkey App

Deploy Uniqkey using GPO

- Extension

Deploy extension in Chrome, Edge and Firefox with Intune

Deploy extension in Chrome, Edge and Firefox with GPO 

Deploy Force-pin of the extension in Chrome


Are you in doubt about something? Or do you merely need a little help then feel free to contact us at support@uniqkey.eu or call on +45 88 74 29 29.





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