Problems with 2-Factor Authentication?

If you experience problems one way or another with 2-factor authentication, it can be due to several reasons. 

Troubleshoot 2-factor issues by following the following guide:


1. Verify that 2-factor is configured for the specific service.

  • First thing is to verify that 2-factor is indeed configured. You can verify this in the mobile app.
    • Open the mobile app -> select the login in question -> check if there is a 6-digit pin displayed in green in the top.
      • If there is a 6-digit pin displayed, then 2-factor is configured for the specific login.
      • Are there no 6-digit pin displayed, then the section “2FA Authentication” should say “Configure”. You can see a guide how to configure 2-factor authentication here.



2. Sign out of Uniqkey in your browser extension

  • Try to log out of the Uniqkey extension in your browser. You'll find it in the right corner of your browser.
    • After you open Uniqkey in your browser, tap "Settings" in the right corner of the window


    • Then tap "Sign Out" at the top of the next window


  • Now you just set Uniqkey back up just like the first time you set it up in your browser.
    • You can read more about how to pair Uniqkey with your browser here.


3. Enter manually

  • If you can type in the 6-digit code manually but not automatically paste it through Uniqkey, then you can report the problem to our support in the browser extension by going into "Settings" -> "Report Website". 


    • If it doesn't accept it when you type it in manually, it indicates a problem with the service itself.

4. Try a different service

  • Testing if 2-factor authentication works at another service where the 2-factor is already set up in your Uniqkey.
    • If it works with your other services, but not in a particular service (such as Microsoft), it indicates a connectivity issue Uniqkey and that service. 
    • If it doesn't work in any of your services, it may indicate connectivity challenges in the app. 


5. Restart your devices

  • Start by trying to restart your mobile device and computer. Sometimes no more is needed.


6. Keep software updates up to date on both app & device.

  • It is always prudent to have all your devices updated to the latest software version to be sure everything works optimally.
    • Android: - Settings -> Software Update -> Download and Install.
    • iOS: - Settings -> General -> Software Update -> Install.
    • Windows: - Start (Windows) -> Settings button -> Update and Security -> Windows Update.
    • MacOS: - About this Mac -> Software Update -> Upgrade Now.
  • If there is an update available on the Play store and App store, then update the mobile app to the latest version.


If you are still experiencing problems with 2-factor authentication after going through the steps above, please contact us at  so that may investigate the issue.




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