Force-pin the Uniqkey browser extension in Chrome

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If you wish to force-pin the Uniqkey extension to your end-user's browser, you only need to follow these simple steps.


1) Open your Group Policy Management tool and create a new group policy.


In this example, it's named "Uniqkey Toolbar Pin"


2) Choose which users, groups or devices you want this policy to affect.



3) Click Edit on the group policy and go to Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Extensions.



4) Click Edit on Extension management settings and change it from Not configured to Enabled.


Under Options, you'll be able to write the command, that force-pins the Uniqkey extension to the user's Chrome browser, without the ability to un-pin it.

Write the following command:

{"UNIQKEY EXTENSION ID":{"toolbar_pin":"force_pinned"}}


And click OK.


You can find Uniqkey's extension ID by going to and clicking the Chrome-button. You need the last part of the URL:



Please note, a restart of the user device might be needed for the policy to activate.


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