Before you delete a user

This guide is meant for administrators and not relevant to the average user.


The most common reason to delete a user is when they have lost their masterpassword. Before deleting the user, you should read this article. It includes tips on how to remember the masterpassword, and how to preserve company passwords. Before you ask our support team to delete a user, please read the following.


Remember, only the administrator can request an account to be deleted. 


1) Has the employee tried to login with their masterpassword?

The masterpassword can be hard to remember, but it always contain at least 12 characters, upper - and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.


2) Have you moved the user's company logins to a colleague's keychain?

This is a way to preserve company passwords using a colleague's keychain. You can move the employee's company passwords in your admin dashboard at It's important that you move the passwords to another employee, not a group as they can't be exported from that. If you do move the passwords to a group, you can always create the passwords manually. Please note that private logins will be lost.


3) Is the user the only admin in the organization?

We always recommend having at least 2 administrators to ensure access to the admin dashboard if one admin loses their masterpassword. If the only admin loses their password, it means the entire organization has to be deleted from our database and created again. This means losing all passwords.


If you wish to delete a user, you have to email us at


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