Encrypted password sharing


With Uniqkey it is possible to safely share logins with other Uniqkey users. When using the function, you can define the restrictions for the login credentials e.g., should the other users be able to see the password or should it be encrypted? Or if there should be a time limit etc.  

To share the login credentials with other Uniqkey users or groups follow the steps below:  

1: Access your passwords on your phone or in the browser extension and choose the login you wish to share  

2: Choose "Share with" and thereafter "Share account" 

3: Choose the user or the group you wish to share with.  

To select the user, you want to share your credentials with you can either write the name or the e-mail of the person and press share.  If you want to share a password with a group, you just have to choose which group and press share.


Please note that the person you're sharing with has to confirm that they want to receive this login. They can do so using their Uniqkey app.

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