Uniqkey is a password manager for both private and work-related logins    


Keep your sensitive information private, Uniqkeys password manager is an extra layer of digital security both at work but also when it comes to your private internet security.  
The most prominent threat to your digital security is reused and short passwords. This applies to both work and private logins. With Uniqkey you only need to remember one password.  

With Uniqkey it is easy to keep tabs on which passwords are work-related or private. In your mobile app and browser extensions your saved logins are divided in different keychains e.g. work, teams and private.  


When you create a new login with your work e-mail, this new login will be saved in your work keychain automatically.  If you create a new login with an email or credentials that are not related to your workplace these login credentials will be saved under private.  
If a work-related login somehow ends up in your private keychain, it is possible to changing the keychain in your app. However, it is not possible to move logins from the work keychain.  

All your logins will be stored and encrypted directly on your smartphone. This means that only you have access to your data. Your passwords are NOT stored on Uniqkeys servers but directly on your own phone, this means that only you have access to see your passwords. It is important to point out that any data pertaining to your private keychain is yours and only you have access to it. 


If by chance you stop working for your organisation you will still be able to use Uniqkey for your private logins, without any extra costs. You only have to change the e-mail associated with your Uniqkey account. 


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