Your security score and how to use it


Your security score is an indication of how secure your online presence is. strong security score is important for both the company and you as a private person. When your security score is strong it indicates that you are generally using strong and unique passwords 

Check your secure score in your mobile app by clicking on 'My account' and thereafter 'Security overview'. The number shown in the circle at the top of the screen is your security score. The security score is generated by the total sum of all your passwords in UniqkeyYou can also view the password security level individually from weak to very strong. 'My accountalso shows you the passwords or login credentials which are outdated or have been leaked. 


Passwords that are long and unique makes the security score makes it likely that you have a strong security score, granted none of the passwords or login credentials have been part of a leakFurthermoreit is important not to reuse passwords across cloud services, reused passwords present a high security risk. Use Uniqkeys password manager both at work and in private to increase your security.  


You can use the security score as a navigator in the assessment of your digital presenceUse the score as a tool to improve your online security e.g., by updating weak or reused passwords. To generate new passwords, we recommend that you use the password generator found in the app or browser extension. The password generator is a great tool to create strong, long and unique passwords. Read more about how to generate strong passwords by clicking here 


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