How to create logins in Uniqkey 


How to create logins in Uniqkey 

You can add new login credentials to Uniqkey by adding them in your mobile app or browser extension.  

There are two ways of saving new login credentials in Uniqkey. The first is an automatic process when you log in to a service in your browser and the other is to add the login credentials manually.  


When using the browser extension, you have the option to save login credentials the first time you log in to a serviceWhen you log in to a cloud service that is not saved in your Uniqkey keychaina small pop-up window will appear asking if you would like to save the login credentials in Uniqkey.   

You can also add login credentials manually. This is done easily by clicking add (the plus sign) in your browser extension or mobile app. Fill out the relevant information anremember to save the login. Next time you need to log in to that service you can use Uniqkey.  




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