How do you generate strong passwords with Uniqkey


How do you generate strong passwords with Uniqkey:

If you want to make a new and strong password, you can use Uniqkey's password generator. Here you can generate a unique code of up to 72 characters, consisting of numbers, special characters, and letters. The password generator is located in your browser extension and in the mobile app. We recommend that you use the browser to update your passwords. The guide below shows you how to do it. 

  1. To change a password, you must first log in as usual on a given service. Then go to the page where you can change your password. When you're ready to enter a new password, click Uniqkey in your browser. 
  2. Now click on the 'password generator'. By default, it's set to 20 characters, but you can select up to 72 characters. Uniqkey recommends a minimum of 16 characters. Then, at the bottom of the box, click to copy and paste. Now you can enter the code in the box where you would enter your new password. It is important that you remember to save the new password in Uniqkey, otherwise it will not be updated. See next step.
  3. To update your password in Uniqkey, you open your browser extension and select the service you just changed your password for. Click edit to replace the old password with the new one. Your new password will still be stored in your clipboard. Insert the new code and click save, and now you're ready with your new, strong password. 


Note: If you forget to perform step 3, your password will not be updated. This means that you will most likely be asked to create a new password the next time you try to sign in to that service. 


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