How to log in with Uniqkey

How to log in with Uniqkey

Now let's do a login trial (the procedure is the same for all your online services)

You can also watch this video "how to log in with Uniqkey" 

Or watch this video on how to save your logins with uniqkey



Log in manually (Notice that the keys in the fields are gray. That's because we haven't saved a login with uniqkey yet).

A Uniqkey pop up window comes forward and you click yes to save with Uniqkey


You will now enter your profile. Sign out again so you're on the cover of LinkedIn.

(Notice that the keys in the fields are now blue, which means that you have now saved your login information with Uniqkey and can now log in with Uniqkey's 2-factor login.

Now tap the blue key in the e-mail box. 

Uniqkey now bothers your email and you choose your email

(If you have multiple profiles, simply select the profile you want to log in to and have saved with Uniqkey.)

Uniqkey now sends you a "push" message to your phone that you need to authenticate. To do this, open up your Uniqkey (type the 6-digit code or biometric) and press "allow".

This is where you can press "reject" if you do not recognize the login attempt, and Uniqkey will instead abort the login attempt. 


Uniqkey now generates your saved password and inserts it into the "Password" box and you are logged into your service.


Now you are logged and secured with Uniqkey against hacker attacks, and your login will be registered in your audit log on your dashboard.
Remember to turn on the 2 factor login feature on the online services you use and pair them with the Uniqkey app. 


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