Setup 2-factor authentication


2-step verification (also known as 2FA, MFA, and 2-factor authentication) is the most effective way to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts and keep the front door of your organization closed.

This is done by adding an extra layer of security to your cloud services which can prevent up to 99.9 percent of attacks on your Microsoft account

With Uniqkey's IAM, it will be easier for both the company and the employee to use 2FA. Uniqkey's app works not only as a password manager but also as both a multi- and two-factor authentication app. Uniqkey can automatically fill in the 2FA key when you approve your login with Uniqkey.

In the video below you can see how Uniqkey automatically logs you into a website easily and securely.


The video shows the following
1. The account to be logged in is selected
2. Login is confirmed on the phone and password is filled in automatically
3. The two-step approval is filled in automatically



Microsoft two-step authentication

If your organization has chosen to require two-step approval with Uniqkey, you can use this guide:


1. The next time you sign in to a Microsoft service such as Office you will get the picture below.
Here you select Next

2. Now it's time to set up the two-step approval. To do this, click Configuration.


3. When you see the image below, you must:

a. Open the Uniqkey app on your phone
b. Locate your Microsoft account and select 2FA authentication
c. Scan the code. Your 2-step verification will now be linked to your account. You can now click Next on your PC.


4. Lastly, confirm your two-factor authentication.
You need to open the Uniqkey app and then find and open your Microsoft account. There is now a green bar with 6 numbers. Enter this number in the Step 2 section: Enter the authentication code.. and click Confirm.


You have now set up two-factor authentication! 🎉
The next time you sign in to a Microsoft service, simply confirm the login on your phone and you will have access.






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