How to create logins in Uniqkey 

How to create logins in Uniqkey 

You can create logins in Uniqkey in two different ways; in your browser and in the mobile app. Your browser can save logins the first time you log in to a service after installing Uniqkey's browser extension.  

The logins that were not imported when you installed Uniqkey in your browser can also be created by clicking on the plus in your browser extension and also in your mobile app. Then simply fill in the relevant information and in the future you will be able to use Uniqkey to log in.  





If you log in to a cloud service in your browser that is not already stored in Uniqkey, Uniqkey will ask if you want to save the specific login in Uniqkey. If you approve, all the relevant data will be automatically saved so that you can log in with Uniqkey next time.   


How to move logins

In this feature, you can also choose which keychain you want to store this login in, thereby separating your private and business logins.   

If you have saved a login in your private keychain and want to move it to your company's keychain, you do this by accessing your passwords in either the browser extension or your mobile app, tapping that login. Then edit and change the account type to the keychain you want.  





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