How does Uniqkey store my backup?

Your backup is encrypted with AES256. Which is the same encryption standard that is also used by the US government. In addition, the data is protected and encrypted through the master password, which only the owner knows. 

Extra security with 3 different encryption layers
Users' automatic backups are locally encrypted on mobile phone, through the user's master code and a "secret" key. Then the backup file is sent to Uniqkey's server, which then encrypt the backup file once more before the data is stored in Uniqkey's database. The different levels of encryption ensure that the data cannot be decrypted, either by intruders or by Uniqkey.
AWS services
Uniqkey uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) Ireland to host our service. In addition, IBM Compose is used for database, which is also hosted by AWS Ireland (Dublin).

The backup data is stored in all cases at AWS in Ireland. The exact geographical location of the data cannot be determined because AWS is working with "AWS Regions".
This means that multiple data centers together form a region.

Each region has at least 2 "zones", and each of these zones has at least one data center. The data centres themselves are geographically far apart in order to avoid, for example, a natural disaster hitting several zones at the same time.

To manage our deployment and distribution of containers, we use RedHat OpenShift Pro, which is also hosted by AWS Ireland (Dublin).


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